Blink Studio’s Solutions Are Paraben Free, Toxin Free, Allergen Free And Eco-Certified All Natural

The Active Ingredient, Dihydroxyacetone (Or DHA) Is Extracted From Sugar Beets And Sugar Cane. Since Its Not A Dye Or Pigment, It Does Not Penetrate The Skin, It Simply Reacts With The Skin’s Outermost Layer Of Proteins, Resulting In A Bronzing Effect.

The Brown Sugar

  • Designed for all skin tones and color lasts between 5-7 days! A brown color you can rinse within:
  • • 1-hour for Light Bronze
  • • 2-hours for Medium Bronze
  • • 2-hours for Medium Bronze

Price: $69

Pre-Tan pH Treatment

Included with every tan

Replenish lost moisture and balance the skin’s chemistry with a pH treatment.

It’s formulated to boost DHA development providing deeper, darker and faster tanning results.

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