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No Double Dipping!

At Blink Studio, we use only the finest cream and hard wax which removes hair at the root and leaves skin smooth for weeks. We maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and treat everyone for “delicate skin” in the treatment room for a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Menu & Pricing: 

The Female Bikini Area:

Bikini Wax: $35.00

Extended Bikini Wax: $39.00

Brazilian Wax: $47.00

Brazilian (Hard wax only): $55.00

The Face:

Eyebrow Wax/Shape: $27.00

Eyebrow Tweeze: $29.00

Cheek Wax: $15.00

Chin Wax: $15.00

Lip Wax: $10.00

Full Face Wax: $60.00

Includes: Brow shaping, cheek, chin & lip wax

The Body:

Under Arm Wax: $15.00

Half Arm Wax: $32.00

Full Arm Wax: $42.00

Half Leg Wax: $39.00

Full Leg Wax: $59.00

Full Stomach Wax: $25.00

Stomach Lining: $12.00

Men’s Chest or Back Wax: $55.00


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