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Eyelash Extensions

Get fuller lashes with professional and semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Each application is catered to the client’s desired look. Whether it be fashion, dramatic, demure or simply natural, eyelash extensions give the look of Instant Beauty!

Lash with us!


How it works:

We must start fresh so schedule a new set. If you’re scheduling online pick the lash set that sounds like it best suits your needs. If you have existing lashes on please add this to your booking note to make your lash artist aware that additional time will be needed for your appointment.  


Refills: A service available to existing clients returning with 50% of existing lash extensions attached, does not include lash removal.


Membership: Once you’ve had your new set applied by one of our lash stylist you are eligible for membership pricing. This is a non pre-paid service available for clients returning within 1-4 weeks of each appointment and have less then 50% of the extensions attached. Includes, complimentary lash removal if needed. 

Membership Terms: Client must reschedule lash membership appointments with the stylist whom applied the original full set of lashes. In order to switch lash stylist client must schedule a new set of lashes at full price. Clients returning past 4 weeks of last appointment are subject to pay full set pricing. 


We offer Mink , Silk, Volume & Hybrid sets of Eyelash Extensions

Mink Lashes

Made of an acrylic poly blend these lashes can give you a full and dramatic appearance. No mascara needed. Water Resistant. We love animals and never use real fur! These babies are synthetic.
$ 159

  • Mink Refill: $75
  • Mink Membership: $85


Silk lashes

Made of a silk poly blend these lashes are light weight and dark in texture. No mascara needed. Water Resistant. Recommended for those who have very weak lashes of their own or looking for a “natural” set of eyelash extensions.
$ 199

  • Silk Refill: $85
  • Silk Membership: $95


Hybrid lashes

A combination of two different lash application techniques rolled into one set of lashes. Classic silk and volume fans are applied to individual lashes for a full look.
$ 219

  • Hybrid Refill: $100
  • Hybrid Membership: $110


volume lashes

A great lash alternative for those with sparse lashes. Fans of two to five lashes are applied to each individual lash to achieve a fuller look.
$ 225

  • Volume Refill: $105
  • Volume Membership: $115